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The most complete & customizable NFT development solution

Why Decent

Designed for Composability

Maximize the potential of your creations through Decent smart contracts that seamlessly integrate wherever you build on-chain.

Decent modules prioritize composability to allow you to do more with less, enabling more rapid and compounding innovation.

Unique Features

Release more exciting projects with differentiated pricing and community functionality.

All Decent contracts natively support the ability to split proceeds and creator attribution, offering the easiest and cheapest way to collaborate in web3. View the docs!

Explore Across Chains

Easily deploy contracts to Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon.

Use faster chains to inexpensively publish applications and store 100% of your metadata on chain.

Beta test cross-chain functionality enabling you to leverage activity across supported chains in your application.

Amplify your Artistry

Leverage the full capabilities of Decent without code through the Creator HQ.

Start building in web3 without Solidity. Launch incredible web3 projects just with plain old JavaScript with Decent's SDK.

Case Studies



"The future of music funding starts with fans."

Music consumption has evolved rapidly over the years while the business side has stayed static. This has left artists with limited options to fairly fund and monetize their work. Blockchain-based applications offer a solution to this by allowing artists to fund, market, and distribute work on their own terms. The inspiration for Decent came from our cofounder Xander Carlson, ½ of major-label-signed, touring group Forester. Forester was the first artist to ever release with us at Decent. They released 20 royalty-backed NFTs of their first single, Spark, each one entitling the owner to 1% of future streaming royalties of the song. With this release, Forester essentially crowdfunded an “advance” but at better terms than virtually any record deal ever. And now their most dedicated fans are earning alongside them.

Decent Ecosystem

Working together in Web3 is a win-win for everyone. That's why we're building a more collaborative and powerful multi-chain Decent ecosystem.

backed by world class investors



Decent is a protocol that enables the artists of every industry to build on-chain through open tools that meet each creator where they’re at on their web3 journey, from first-time user to seasoned coder. Our mission is to enable creators and developers to own and monetize the work they produce via web3 applications that leverage NFTs as more than just digital collectibles.
Decent collaborates with forward-thinking artists, developers, and organizations with ideas that push the limits. While our technology is open-source for all creators, these hands-on collaborations will be more selective due to the bandwidth of our team. Those interested in collaborating can send their ideas to, and our team will be in touch. If you're a developer, you can submit new modules via pull requests to the Decent Protocol Github at any time!
The Decent Protocol is a toolkit developed for artists to build on-chain through new contracts that capture real value, encourage community growth, and incentivize collector engagement.
Creator HQ is an all-in-one interface that streamlines building on-chain with tools to easily deploy dynamic smart contracts and manage their activity post-mint. Powered by the Decent Protocol, Creator HQ enables artists to deploy their smart contracts without code so they can spend more time creating.
1. Select which contract module is best for you. Choose from the available base, wrapper, or hybrid modules.
2. Complete the required information to deploy option you've selected. Projects use smart contracts that require certain information to deploy. This information will set the rules for your project and help distinguish it from others.
3. Add additional information. Once the contract is active, users can add other helpful information like proceed splits, creator attribution, or additional utility.
4. Share your project link with your community. Each project you launch will automatically generate a link that you can share with your community to interact with.
5. (Optional): Wrap your contracts. Come back to Creator HQ at any time to add new functionality to any of your existing projects; for example, you can wrap an active Edition contract with a shared treasury module.
Decent's protocol, SDK, and Creator HQ are all currently free! We do expect to introducing usage fees for the SDK and Creator HQ.